The Order Of Service

Wedding Gifts

A lot of people have already asked about gifts for our wedding, so we thought we better put something on here about it.

We honestly don't expect anything in terms of gifts - no, seriously, we're not just saying that - that's obviously not the reason we are getting married or inviting you to the wedding. After all, your sparkling personality is more than enough for us.

We understand that many of you will be travelling quite far, so we would rather you used the money to attend the wedding, have a good time and celebrate the day with us.

For those that truly believe in the tradition of helping newly weds on their way and insist on getting us a gift, we would genuinely appreciate a contribution toward our honeymoon. We are planning to go to Miami/Florida, so any dontations (dollars or pounds) will help us pay for experiences that we hope will last a lifetime.

As a thank you, Laura has even agreed to have her photo taken while we are away(!) - which we will showcase on this page when we get back.