We're Now Married!Photo By: Julie Moult At Flare Photography

We're Married!

Yes, the big day has come and gone and we would like to thank all our friends, family and loved ones for helping making it so special. It was, without question, the best day of our lives and it wouldn't have been the same without all of you.

We would also like to thank everyone for all their gifts and cards, it was most generous and we truly appreciate it.

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The Groom

Ben Herbert

I'm not allowed to tell the full story of how Laura and I first met, as she claims she can't remember and probably blanked it out due to trauma.

However, I will say that it involved one or more of the following: alcohol, an 18th birthday, Playboy bunnies and crying. (Hint: it's all of them.)

It actually took around five years from that first meeting for us to finally get our act together - and I had to date Laura with Alice (one of the bridesmaids) always tagging along for a couple of months - but obviously it was worth the wait.

The Bride

Laura Collier

I will forever maintain that we met when I was 23 and refuse to acknowledge anything before that, thank you Ben.

One of our very first dates was to Laser Quest in Leicester, which I battered him at - you can ask Alex and Alice for confirmation.

Ben proposed to me in the Dominican Republic, but he did it at night and it was so dark I could hardly see the ring. I suppose can't really blame him though, as I had already ruined his first proposal plan by fainting and having to go to hospital on the first day of our holiday!

The Groomsmen

  • Mark Brewin

    Best Man

    It's safe to say you will probably never meet another human like 'Brewin'. More like a brother than a friend, he has a penchant for cheese and chives, completely inappropriate comments and Blackburn Rovers.

    Built like a mini tank, he will be the one who looks as though he has been stuffed into his wedding suit, which we literally had to get custom made (true story).

    Although completely loveable, he has a tendency to manipulate the truth so I wouldn't take anything he says in his speech too seriously.

  • Alex Goldsmith

    Best Man

    A black man born in a white man's body, Alex is my 'longest serving' friend and stuck by me back in the day when we both looked like chipmunks and had literally no game.

    Although he fancies himself as a baller, Alex hasn't played a meaningful minute of basketball since he was sixteen, so don't let him tell you otherwise.

    Affectionately nicknamed 'Dinosaur' by Laura and her friends, at 100kg he is probably as big as one, and just as subtle, too.

  • Tom Collier


    A real life Mowgli, Tom is most comfortable in the jungle surrounded by 'birds' - or, more specifically, pink pigeons.

    Being as he usually looks like Tom Hanks in Castaway, our wedding day is probably the smartest you will ever see him, especially with Laura in charge.

    Although many would consider living in Mauritius for six months heaven, Tom still longs for the day he can fulfil his childhood dream of living up a tree and marrying a bowl of spaghetti.

  • Kai Herbert


    My younger and none would say better looking brother, Kai has two real loves: football and COD. No, not the fish - Call Of Duty, for those that actually have a life.

    The spitting image of Justin Bieber, which he 'hates', he can often be heard/found in his room shouting obscenities at random guys over the internet when they score against him on FIFA.

    Fun Fact: although he now has a dazzling smile, Kai had most of his baby teeth pulled out because they'd rotted after drinking so much apple juice.


The Bridesmaids

  • Alice Brown


    A picture speaks a thousand words.

    You're more likely to hear Alice before you see her. With a voice that belongs on a 90-year-old heavy smoker, she is always up for a gossip, so if you want to know anything about anyone at our wedding, she is your girl.

    Rejected at the audition stage of ITV show Take Me Out, we're determined to set her up with a nice boy. So, if you're a fan of Strongbow, Nandos, Walkabout Bars and going on adventures, make sure you say 'Hi'.

  • Kelly Neale


    One of my oldest friends, Kelly and I trained to be hairdressers together and was there the first time I met Ben, complete with bunny ears.

    While backpacking round Australia I learned Kelly had a few secret talents: killing horseflies with a flipper, capsizing canoes and making expert disguises after getting kicked out of bars.

    One final thing... do NOT leave your champagne near her under any circumstance - you have been warned!

  • Jenny 'Bean' Collier


    My younger sister Jenny is a multi-talented cook, writer and singer - it's hard to believe we are actually related!

    Known as 'Bean' to her friends and family, my brothers and I call her 'Mini Mum' due to her always looking after us. Not only that, she also shares our Mum's weird sense of humour and has the same unruly hair!

    Wise beyond her years and completely self-sufficient, Bean is currently in China working for an online magazine - let's hope she gets back in time for the wedding.

  • Ellie Herbert


    Ben's youngest sister, Ellie is an aspiring model who is never seen - ironically - dressed in anything else but her Primark dressing gown.

    To keep her body in model condition, she religiously goes to McDonalds/Pizza Hut three times a week, via the gym.

    As a girl who treats the whole world as a fashion show, Ellie will be the one strutting her way down the catwalk aisle. Fierce.